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Q. Write a program to take the monthly salary from the user, find and display income tax with the help of the following slab:
   Monthly Salary                 Income Tax
   8000 or less                           Nil
   8000-9000                      20% of Monthly salary
   9000-10000                    30% of Monthly salary
   10000 or above              40% of Monthly salary


Q. A salesman earns a commission on the value of his sales as per the following table.
   Value of sales(Rs.)            Commission(%)
      1 – 999                               1
   1000 – 9999                          5
  10000 – 99999                      10
Write a program to calculate and print the commission using sale value as input. The program is to keep on calculating the commission for various salesmen until a sales value zero is input.


Q. A company wants to set target for each of the four regions (EAST, WEST , NORTH and SOUTH). The company allots the following percentage target for each region.
              East      15%
              West      25%
              North     30%
              South     30%
Write a program to pass through command line parameters, the total target amount proposed by the company and print out the breakup of the target for each region.


Q. Write a program to find the car bill for a particular tourist.
Type of car         Distance        Charge              Driver.
Maruti              < =  100          Rs.800              Rs.100.
                    >100 & < = 200    Rs.800+Rs10/km      Rs 300.
                                           above 100
                    >200            Rs.15per km         Rs 500
Sumo                < = 100           Rs.600              Rs 100.
                    >100 & < =  200   Rs.600+Rs.8/km      Rs 300
                                          above 100     
                    > 200           Rs.12 per km        Rs.500


Q. Write a program using method to calculate the salary increment of employees based on their basic pay. Calculate the final salary after increment.
             Basic Pay      Rise
             10700/-        550/-
             12500/-        750/-
             15000/-        1050/-


Q. Write a program using the this keyword, to calculate the prize amount for a cricketer depending upon his text average. Use the following date.
  Test Average             Graduate                 Prize Amount
    > = 80                    A                      Rs. 1,00,000.00
    80> & > = 65              B                      Rs. 50,000.00
    50> & > = 40              C                      Rs. 25,000.00
    <40                     D                      Rs. 10,000.00


Q. Using if-else statements write a program in java to calculate the grade as per the given criteria:
         Marks                 Grade
     > = 80 and <100          Excellent
     > = 70 and <80           First Div. 
     > = 60 and <70           Second Div.
     > = 50 and <60           Third Div.
     Less than 50           Fail


Q. Write a program to assign values the variable basic salary and calculate the DA and the gross salary and print them. The DA is calculated as per the rules given below:
    if basic< 2000             then DA is 5% of basic
    if basic> = 2000 & <7000     then DA is 8% of basic
    if basic> = 7000& <10000     then DA is 10% of basic
    if basic> = 10000            then DA is 12% of basic
    Gross Salary  =  Basic + DA.


Q. There are 55 employees in an organization. You have to display the number of employees getting Net-Salary above 20000 by taking only Basic_Salary as input and following the table given below.
  Basic Salary          DA (% Basic_salary)      IT (% Gross_Salary)
  Below 5000                     8%                     6%
  5000 to < 10000                15%                    9%
  10000and above                 18%                    12%
Where DA and IT are Dearness Allowance and income Tax respectively.
  Gross_Salary  =  Basic_Salary + DA
  Net_Salary  =  Gross_Salary – IT


Q. Calculate and display the traveling allowance for 50 employees of an organization by taking distance traveled as input. The organization gives traveling allowance according to the following table.
    Distance               Amount.
    < = 20                   Rs 200
    >20 and < = 50           Rs 200 + Rs 5 per extra km above 20
    >50 and < =  100         Rs 500 + Rs 5 per extra km above 50.
    >100                   Rs 15 per km.


Q. Commission according to the following tables:
            Sale (in Rs.)               Commission(% of sale)
                8000 or less                   Nil
                8000 – 9000                    12%
                9000 – 10000                   15%
                10000 or above                 18%
apart from this each salesman gets a fixed allowance of Rs 550 and also a bonus of Rs 500 if a salesman achieves the target of 10000. Display the total income of each salesman along with the sales. Also display the number of salesman having income of 5000 or above.


Q. A company has 120 employees who are divided into four grades as follows:
 Grade   Basic( Rs. per month)   D.A.(% of Basic)   H.R.A.(% of Basic)
   1        10,000 or more              40%                30%
   2        5,000 – 10,000              40%                25%
   3        < 5,000 but > 2,000         30%                20%
   4        2,000 or less               30%                15%
If the salary which is the total of Basic, D.A., and H.R.A., is above Rs.50,000 per month then Income Tax at the rate of 30% of the annual salary exceeding 50,000 is deducted on monthly basis at source. Taking name of the employees and the Basic(monthly) pay as inputs, a pay slip, which contains Name, Basic monthly pay, DA, HRA, Monthly Income Tax and Net Monthly Salary, for each employee is to be printed. Write a java program to perform this job.


Q. Define class calcComm with member variables: sales, commission
    void acceptsales() to accept sales value
    float commAmt() to calculate and return commission amount.
the commission will be calculated according to the following criteria
    sales                                 commission rate
    above or equal to 5000                      15%
    above or equal to 3000 but below 5000       10%
    above or equal to 1000 but below 3000       5%
    below 1000                                  2%


Q. Define class calculateBill having member variable: calls, charge
   Member methods:
     void calCharge(int type) to calculate the telephone bill.
   Type is type of connection
     1. For domestic
     2. For business
   Bill will be calculated according to the following rule-
     Monthly rent – Rs. 450
     Number of call free – 100
     Next 150 calls – Rs. 1/call
     Next 100 calls – Rs. 1.50/call
     Extra calls – Rs. 2/call
for business type connection Rs 50/- will be paid extra by the customer
void display() to show the bill amount
    Write main program to accept no. of calls and display menu
      1. Domestic Connection
      2. Business Connection
    Enter Your Choice (1 or 2)
Bill will be calculated according to the option entered by the user and then finally display the bill.


Q. Write a program to calculate monthly telephone bill for a consumer after accept number of call according to given criteria.
    Monthly rent            Rs 400/-
    No. of free calls       100
    for next 150 calls      Rs. 1.25/call
    for extra calls         Rs. 1.50/call


Q. Write a program to input the sales or any 20 sales men. Calculate and print the commission with an added allowance of Rs. 500. The commission can be calculated by using the following table:-
    Sales              Commission
    Upto 5000             nil
    5001-8000             10%
    8001-10,000           12%
    10,001 Or more        15%


Q. Write a Java program to accept an amount from the user and hence
find in each case:-
a) No of Rs. 100 notes and the remainder amount.
b) No of Rs. 50 notes and the remainder amount.
c) No of Rs. 20 notes and the remainder amount.
d) No of Rs. 10 notes and the remainder amount.
Eg. In Rs. 542; No of Rs. 100  =  5, Remainder  =  Rs. 42
No of Rs. 50  =  10, Remainder  =  Rs. 42
No of Rs. 20  =  27, Remainder  =  Rs. 2.
No of Rs. 10  =  54, Remainder  =  Rs. 2.


Q. A class namely student has three data member Name, roll and Marks of 5 Subjects the steam is assigned based on the following criteria :
       Avg. Marks                 Stream
     90% and above          science with computers
     80% ___89%             science without Computers
     70%____79%             commerce with Maths
     60%___69%              commerce without Maths
Write a program to declare a class student and allot the stream and print them.


Q. ABC stand decided to take charge for the parking of 2wheeler, 3wheeler and 4wheller (same charges) as per the following criteria:
    No. of Hrs. Parked Charge
    upto 8 hrs Rs 10
    next 8 hrs Rs. 6 for additional 8 hours
    above 16 hours Rs. 5 for each addition 8 hrs.
Input number of hours parked and prints the charges as per given criteria.