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Computer Application is such an interesting subject, but during our 21 years of teaching experience, we have found that in what is information about computer science engineering subject students often find difficult. Therefore our firm belief is that ICSE Board ISC and CBSE nic in result students can be made passionate about computer subject.

First of all we are a CBSE net Online Computer Application Software Tutorials, strive to build clear fundamentals of Computer Science, helping students to develop their logic ability. This results in the development  of strong programming skills and hence,  excellent scores in  exams. Good programming skills always help students later in their engineering courses also.

Hence this website is FREE to access and help you in new technology in Computer Science subject for ICSE Board (ICSE Full Form – Indian School Certificate Examinations) and ISC Board Only (CBSE Board +2 only). Some features are under construction. Please stay tuned.

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ICSE Board Computer Application

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BlueJ Programming Sample Question
Logical Program Arrays String Handling Functions
Class Test Questions on Program Output
Project / Assignments on BlueJ for Std 10
Class Test Question Paper for ICSE Class X
Logical Program Arrays String Handling Functions
Solved ICSE Board Exam Paper
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ISC Board Computer Science

Solved ISC Board Exam Theory Paper
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Solved ISC Board Exam Practical Paper [2000 – 2004]
Solved ISC Board Exam Practical Paper [2005 – 2009]
Solved ISC Board Exam Practical Paper [2010 – 20014]
Solved ISC Board Exam Practical Paper [2015 – 2019]
ISC 2019 Exam (Online Test Papers Published at FORUM on February 2019 stay tuned)
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My guide for CBSE Board Computer Science Engineering

Networking & Internet Logical
Array Function
String Structure
Class & Inheritance File Handling
Structure Query Language Boolean Algebra