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ISC 2012 Practical Paper

COMPUTER SCIENCE Paper – 2 (PRACTICAL) (Reading Time: 15 minutes)  (Planning Session AND Examination Session: Three Hours) ———————————————————————————————————— The total time to be spent on the Planning and the Examination Session is Three hours. After completing the Planning Session, the candidate may begin with the Examination Session. A maximum of 90 minutes is permitted to …

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Generate SPIRAL

import*; public class Spiral { public static void main()throws IOException { InputStreamReader isr=new InputStreamReader(; BufferedReader x=new BufferedReader(isr); int N; System.out.print(“enter the size : “); N=Integer.parseInt(x.readLine()); int A[][]=new int[N][N]; int S=1; int U=0,D=N-1,L=0,R=N-1,I=U,J=L; while(S<=N*N) { if(I==J && A[J]!=0) { U++; D–; L++; R–; I=U; J=L; } if(I!=J && A[J]!=0) { D–; R–; I=D; J=R; } …

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/* Towers of Hanoi Program The Towers of Hanoi problem is a complex example of a recursive algorithm, yet the function itself is quite simple. The goal is to move a set of disks from one peg to another. The disks are on one of three pegs with the smallest disk on the top, and …


ISC 2011 Practical Paper

ISC Practical Exam Paper Question (Note: All programs codes are Tested. The logic used in those programs may or may not be understand by you. Just identify the technique used to solve the program, then apply your own concepts.) Programs are solved in BlueJ mode. INSTRUCTIONS COMPUTER SCIENCE Paper-2 (PRACTICAL) (Reading Time : 15 minutes) …

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